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We are a collaborative team of genetic genealogists who have a passion to educate and assist those of unknown parentage, whether because of misattributed parentage or adoption, in their quest to identify biological relatives through the use of DNA.


Testimonials/Success Stories

  • I waited 43 years for information on my birth family. When I finally got it I had NO idea what to do with it. I now had names, but all of the other information was decades old. That is when I turned to Amanda. I had seen her in one of the FB groups offering her help to Ohio residents who were beginning to get their adoption information. Once I gave Amanda my information it was only a matter of hours before I had current updated information on my birth family. She was with me every step of the way, reminding me to breathe, helping guide me on “first contact” and providing compassion when the search for my bf ended at a grave. She explained DNA and provided me the knowledge to be able to back up my findings with DNA matches. Only a fellow searcher would understand what a gift she has given me. I will forever be grateful for all that she has done for me.
    — B.B.
  • Amanda recently completed the search for my birth father. I could never have competed my search without Amanda Reno. She was able to look at the overall picture of the research in ways that I never could. She kept me focused, directed my research and did an amazing amount of research from sources that I will not ever have access to. She was a cheerleader, a counselor,a data miner and a friend all at once. She gave me hope and then she gave me answers! Thank you, Amanda!
    — M.A.
  • Abandonment is an issue all of its own. It comes with hundreds of questions that have zero answers, until DNA AND Cheryl Hester! Cheryl worked tirelessly on Jenna's case and we went from knowing nothing about our 20 year olds birth family, to knowing who both birth mom and dad are, to meeting grandparents, aunts and cousins, so quickly our hearts were amazed! She put a family tree together that she will have forever! Cheryl has the knowledge that made connections we would have never made, and the compassion of a true angel! Jenna says "She really knows her stuff, but she is so personable she made me comfortable sharing my concerns." When you work with Cheryl Hester, you not only gain the information, but also a friend who guides you through what to do with the information you are given. I will forever treasure her! She is professional, and lives up to everything I can imagine as a genetic genealogist!
    — D.H.
  • I was adopted at birth, in 1976, and knew little to information about my birth parents. With rapid changing laws in progressive adoptee-advocating states, like Illinois, I was able to obtain the name of my birth mother from my original birth certificate. I was very excited to reach out to my birth mother to find out information! I would get finally get to know where I came from!!! Sadly, each and every attempt I made to contact her was rejected. My birth mother refused to talk to me or acknowledge my existence. I was denied information on my heritage, genetic medical conditions, and answers regarding my adoption. I was also denied access to any information on my birth father, as she did not list him on the original birth certificate and ignored all requests to name him. I was heartbroken and felt defeated. READ MORE...
    — A.J.