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With this contract and retainers, Client authorizes DNA Finding U and its associates to conduct genetic and family genealogy research on Client’s behalf. Client acknowledges that DNA Finding U and its associates will make every reasonable effort in the time allotted to research the family histories and genetic kinships, and Client acknowledges that there are no guarantees regarding the results of the search. Client acknowledges that DNA Finding U cannot predict in advance the time needed to find relevant ancestral information or to prove facts or family relationships. INITIAL CASE EVALUATION: DNA Finding U agrees to provide Client with an approximate one-hour phone consultation to give a verbal overview to determine research goals, evaluate where Client has tested, a brief review of ethnicity, and an evaluation of the significance of Client’s matches. A short analysis of whether Client should wait for closer matches, move forward with professional research, or suggestions for further testing/tasks will be discussed. PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH HOURS: If Client proceeds to purchase Professional Research Hours, DNA Finding U agrees to apply the quantity of hours purchased to completing research pertaining to Client’s goals. DNA Finding U agrees to provide Client with a report containing a summary of research completed during Professional Research Hours. The report may include charts of family trees and cited documentations (DNA and historical documents) substantiating the predicted family relationships in a seamless format to reflect the project goals. The report will be provided in a reasonable period of time from the receipt of signed Contractual Agreement and payment, with consideration for the quantity of hours purchased.
Client Participation *
To facilitate the stated goals of this agreement, and not duplicate effort, Client will provide DNA Finding U with all previously completed research prior to the start of services. Examples may include research completed by Client, copies of reports or other professional research, and copies of significant records and notes on records that have previously been researched. Electronic copies of such information are preferred; however, hard copies can be accepted as necessary. Please forward this information to admin@DNAFindingU.com with Client's name as subject header. All pertinent login information for accessing DNA results should be provided in the next section. DNA Finding U will hold secure and confidential the user ID and password information provided; and suggests that at the conclusion of services, Client changes the passwords.
Please provide usernames and passwords here for Ancestry.com, FTDNA, 23andMe, and/or GEDmatch.
Payment *
Payment is to be made at the time of requesting service. If payment has not been received within 48 hours of Client providing signed Contractual Agreement, the Contractual Agreement will be considered null and void. DNA Finding U and associates will not begin the work outlined within this Contractual Agreement until both payment and signed Contractual Agreement have been received.
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Mediation is a process under which parties submit their dispute to an impartial, neutral mediator who will work to achieve with the parties a mutually acceptable resolution of the dispute. The mediator is not empowered to impose a solution on the parties. The parties agree to first pursue in good faith the mediation of any dispute arising out of the subject matter of this agreement before resorting to arbitration or any other legal remedy. Mediation fees, if any, shall be divided equally among the parties involved.
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