"Abandonment is an issue all of its own. It comes with hundreds of questions that have zero answers, until DNA AND Cheryl Hester! Cheryl worked tirelessly on Jenna's case and we went from knowing nothing about our 20 year olds birth family, to knowing who both birth mom and dad are, to meeting grandparents, aunts and cousins, so quickly our hearts were amazed!  She put a family tree together that she will have forever!  Cheryl has the knowledge that made connections we would have never made, and the compassion of a true angel! Jenna says "She really knows her stuff, but she is so personable she made me comfortable sharing my concerns."  When you work with Cheryl Hester, you not only gain the information, but also a friend who guides you through what to do with the information you are given. I will forever treasure her! She is professional, and lives up to everything I can imagine as a genetic genealogist!" - D.H.