Gather Resources

Prepare! Gather and become familiar with the resources that you will best be available to utilize in your search. Many of these resources can be found in our State Resources located in our Genealogy Resources. Practice looking around and trying different search parameters for best results. Also, do not forget to assemble your support group that you will need for your journey.

DNA Education

Education is key! Start your education prior to getting your results. Learn the "lingo", read others' journeys, read through all of the Resource Sections here, or consider taking a class. Educate yourself on how you should communicate with matches and when to communicate with matches BEFORE getting your results. 

What to do if you have a known side?

If you have a known side, your best option is to test that parent, a half sibling from that parent, or an aunt/uncle or first cousin to help you delineate your matches. Also, build out the side that you do know and become familiar with the surnames on that side so you can easily spot them when you get your matches.